Friday, January 15, 2010

Architecture Community Supports Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

George H. Miller, FAIA
President, American Institute of Architects

Christine W. McEntee
Executive Vice President/CEO,
American Institute of Architects

The utterly devastated lives and communities of Haiti bring into sharp focus how closely connected we are. This unthinkable tragedy cries out for a humane and swift response to help alleviate the suffering and salvage the remaining fabric of families, friends, and loved ones.

We’ve been in contact with our partners from the Red Cross who have been sending us reports on what is happening on the ground and they confirm that what’s needed most now is your financial assistance to organizations already in place in the rescue operation. We’ve included a list of the organizations in the best position to provide direct assistance.

Also, as a profession, we know that once the humanitarian relief efforts are stabilized the next phase of rebuilding begins. So we’ve been in contact with our colleagues at the U.S. Green Building Council and will be sending a joint letter to United Nations Envoy to Haiti Former President Bill Clinton offering our profession’s technical and professional expertise when the initiative begins focusing on rebuilding. Additionally, we are discussing ideas with Architecture for Humanity on how architects can provide on-the-ground design guidance in Haiti so local citizens can seek qualified counsel as they rebuild their homes, businesses, and lives. We will continue to keep you informed as our discussions progress. In the meantime, please visit the Architecture for Humanity Web site for more information on its mission and ways you can contribute.

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