Thursday, September 10, 2009

Texas Architect E-magazine Now Available

The Sept/Oct 2009 Design Awards issue of Texas Architect has been reinvented online to complement the print edition. Read the full issue in beautiful, new e-magazine format on the TSA Web site. Flip through Texas Architect pages, gaze at full-size images, and read as if you had the magazine in your hands. This new online format allows the entirety of the editorial content in the print edition to be presented—exactly as seen in the print version.

Through the end of 2009, all editorial content will be available to the public in the new format. Starting with the Jan/Feb 2010 edition, as a TSA member or Texas Architect subscriber, you will be able to view the entirety of Texas Architect’s editorial content by logging in to the TSA Web site with either your AIA member number or subscriber ID number if you are not a TSA member. (Subscriber ID numbers will be assigned and printed prominently on the subscriber’s magazine mailing label.) If you are neither a TSA member nor a Texas Architect subscriber, you will see a sample version of the current magazine online in e-magazine format. Once you subscribe online, your subscriber ID will be generated and sent to you via email, allowing you to then log in to see the entirety of editorial content.

As a TSA member or subscriber, you will also be able to access complete online archives beginning in 2010. Archives will be in user-friendly e-magazine format with easy access from your own desktop.

Starting reading the current issue online now.


Anonymous said...

As much as I appreciate the publication being made available in a digital format, this is not "user friendly". Unless you have a 40" screen, this is a tedious exercise. There's also nothing portable about this. I can't download it, I can't see it on my phone...disappointed.

Texas Society of Architects / AIA said...

Thank you for viewing the new online format of Texas Architect. I want to share a couple of tips for using this new technology that I hope with improve your experience. When you mouse over the e-magazine, you'll see the option to view in full-screen. Click on the e-magazine and it will open up to the size of your screen. Whether you have a 13-inch screen or 40-inch screen, it sizes to that dimension. Navigate through pages using the arrows at left and right of the screen or use the page index below to find a specific article. Be sure to click on the page to zoom in to read easily.

Depending on your phone and service, you can read Texas Architect on the go. However, phones with Web access still are not capable of viewing Flash. Though, there is talk of that coming in the future! If you have a phone with Web access, you can use the HTML table of contents on the TSA Web site at and click on the article that interests you. It will present a static article as a Web PDF.

Please let us know if we can provide more tips for viewing, reading, and sharing Texas Architect.
- Andrea Exter, Associate Publisher, Texas Architect