Monday, April 11, 2011

TBAE Updates Education, Experience Requirements to Bring Uniformity

 TBAE Licensing News
April 2011

In our fast-paced professions, rarely do things remain static
very long. As the professions change to meet current and future
demands, the Board is consistently monitoring and planning
for these as well. One of the important responsibilities of the
Board is to update standing rules as our three professions
advance their changing practices.

During its January, 2011 meeting, the Board adopted what
some considered a much-needed “cleanup” of some outdated
internship and education rules dating from the 1990s. It is
important that the rules that regulate our professions are
always clear and up to date. The recent rule amendments
were designed to do multiple things at once:

• Remove obsolete provisions
• Raise the education and experience standards for all
three professions
• Maintain a small degree of flexibility for the small
number of potential licensees affected.

The newly-adopted rules restrict the “grandfather” provisions
for architects, registered interior designers (RIDs), and
landscape architects to those who apply on or before
August 31, 2011. On the following day, September 1, 2011,
those provisions will be repealed and no one will be eligible
for registration under those previous provisions.

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