Monday, June 13, 2011

UT Architecture Students Build "Green" Complex for African Children

More than 400 children from 19 villages in Tanzania, East Africa, will have access to clean water, sanitary facilities, and an education due to help from students in the School of Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin.

Graduate students in the School of Architecture designed a complex to be located in the Simanjiro district in Tanzania, located to the east of the Serengeti National Park and to the south of Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa. The complex will serve the parish of Father Peter Pascal Pinto.

The “green build” complex, with natural lighting and ventilation, will be constructed using local building materials and hand-built construction techniques. Included in the design are 10 classrooms, dorms for students and volunteers, an outdoor cooking facility, teacher housing, sanitation facilities, and a well to provide water for the children and community, for animal herds, and for crop irrigation.

The project, a collaboration between the nonprofit organization Africa’s Promise Village and the School of Architecture, is under the direction of Professor Michael Garrison.

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