Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Emerging Professional: Chris Sias

1. How would you describe the culture of the firm that you work for?
PSC is a people oriented firm that values its employees, their families, and our community.

2. What role does the intern have in your firm?
Interns are encouraged to seek the highest level of involvement possible. Interns are involved in projects at all levels, from schematic design, code analysis, construction documents, and construction administration to name a few.

3. How has the IDP program helped you? How has your office benefitted from the IDP program?
The IDP provides a structure for Interns to work with their supervisors and mentors to assure that they are exposed to all aspects of professional practice. I was fortunate enough to have a great supervisor and mentor which reduced the IDP to a formality. As for our office, the IDP program has helped establish a formal process for assuring that all interns are receiving the necessary training in order to achieve licensure.

4. How does your IDP process differ from your friends working at other firms?
The level of financial support is bar none. Our IDP fees are paid for, all testing fees paid for, paid leave on test days, TSA record maintenance fees paid for, etc.
Also, being that PSC is a multi-disciplinary firm, interns work with what would otherwise be outside consultants on a day to day basis. This leads to, in my opinion, a quicker understanding of how projects come together.

5. What is the best thing about being an architect?
Fulfilling a childhood dream.

6. What do you want most out of your career as an architect?
To be a positive influence in my community.

7. Name one thing the Texas Society of Architects could do to support the development of the intern/associate members.
It may be hard for smaller firms to provide study material for their interns. Maybe this is an area where TSA can offer some financial assistance to qualifying firms.


Eser said...

Good job Chris !!!! It looks like you are doing very well in Autin. We are very glad for you and Kim.

Eser said...

Good job Chris !!!! It looks like you are doing very well in Autin. We are very glad for you and Kim.

Lynda K. said...

Congrats Chris. I'm glad things are going so well for you. I enjoyed reading about your success and your positive attitude; it shows you are happy with your career choice.