Thursday, January 6, 2011

Emerging Professional: Sonia Escobar

1. How would you describe the culture of the firm that you work for?
Our culture is built on exploring innovative environmental practices and finding new ways to incorporate them into our designs.

2. What role does the intern have in your firm?
There are multiple roles we play. Since our firm has 19 employees, this gives us an opportunity to get our hands on all aspects of the architecture field.

3. How has the IDP program helped you? How has your office benefitted from the IDP program?
The IDP program has really made our firm diverse to the types of projects we work on. Since all of the interns are reaching the same goal, we have to put ourselves out there by working on different phases of the projects. By doing so, this helps us to become well-rounded designers.

4. How does your IDP process differ from your friends working at other firms?
Our firm has been really helpful by having us fill out detailed timesheets. This way it is easier to report our hours. We also get frequent reminders about the new six-month rule that was implemented. This shows that our firm cares about our future in the architectural field. My friends that work at other firms miss out on many hours by not having a simple reminder.

5. What is the best thing about being an architectural intern?
I learn something new every day.

6. What do you want most out of your career as an architectural intern?
To have the capability of coming up with better “on the spot” solutions when interacting with future clients.

7. Name one thing the Texas Society of Architects could do to support the development of the intern/associate members.
It seems as though TSA is geared towards an older generation of professionals in the architecture field. It would be great if TSA would reach out to younger professionals to try and encourage them to be more involved with the Texas Society of Architects and American Institute of Architects. I would also like to see TSA reach out to more professionals beyond AIA members. For those who are not AIA members, they are missing out on important and useful information shared by TSA.

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