Saturday, August 21, 2010

San Antonio Tower Wins TSA 25-Year Award

by Stephen Sharpe
Texas Architect

During the 1960s, as several cities planned to build high-profile vertical symbols of their ambitions toward global prominence, San Antonio erected the Tower of the Americas as the theme structure for HemisFair ’68. Today, the 622-foot-tall tower (750 feet including its antenna) is one of the few enduring landmarks from the international exposition that helped redefine San Antonio as a welcoming multicultural metropolis.

In acknowledgement of the project’s architectural significance, the Texas Society of Architects has selected the Tower of the Americas to receive the 2010 TSA 25-Year Award. The annual award recognizes one building completed 25 to 50 years earlier that has retained its central form, character, and architectural integrity. Read more here.

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